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Welcome to the collective action lawsuit website for directory delivery workers of AT&T and Directory Distributing Associates.  This site will tell you about the lawsuit.

The suit alleges that directory delivery workers were employees rather than independent contractors, and alleges that they are entitled to additional pay.  If you deliver or have delivered AT&T telephone directories in the US for Directory Distributing Associates, you may be entitled to additional pay.  

The deadline set by the Texas state court for joining the Texas state suit has passed.

Click here to see the latest pleadings in the California case.

If you joined the lawsuit, please click HERE to fill out an important survey. (password required)

If you need to change your address or contact information, please click HERE.

To read the full petition filed on behalf of the delivery workers in Texas state court, click

This case is a collective action, which is another type of class action, that is brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  We will be seeking an award of attorneys fees from the court, not from you as an opt-in plaintiff.

For more information call, write or email the delivery workers’ attorneys in the case: 

Cynthia Diggs Judith Sadler Richard Mithoff
5300 Memorial Drive, Suite 900 5300 Memorial Drive, Suite 900 One Allen Center - Penthouse
Houston, Texas 77007                                Houston, Texas 77007 500 Dallas Street
(713) 802-1777 (phone) (713) 802-1777 (phone) Houston, TX 77002
(713) 802-1779 (fax) (713) 802-1779 (fax) (713) 654-1122 (phone)


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